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The start.

“We were listening to a friend’s track in class that was this jazzy female version of Chet Faker and I said to Nathan “I’d love to try something like that one day.” – Jessica

The University of Melbourne encourages students to take electives from faculties outside of their Bachelor degree and we’d just met during a Music Production class at the Victorian College of the Arts early 2017. We decided to collaborate for the class project and within a week we were in Nathan’s studio – the track almost finished, laying down the lead vocals. That’s how ‘Sin’ was born. Coz we originally wrote it for the class project, it was just a cool genre that we wanted to try respectively as artists. It was never a defined decision of “This is what we want our duo to sound like” coz there was no duo at that stage.

Our lecturer was Acid house Producer David Haberfeld also known as ‘HoneySmack’ and in his comical, energetic fashion he provided us with infinite wisdom on production and insight into the music industry. Once we finished the track and submitted it for assessment, he encouraged us to continue working together. We realised we’d stumbled across a pretty cool artistic collaboration. As we continue writing together our sound evolves. We know we sort of want it to sit somewhere on the electronic indie pop scale, but you don’t want to label your genre too early on in the game and lock yourself into something. We’re still a very young duo and our sound is still evolving.

Although we’ve been working together for a while, it was important for us not to rush the process of releasing anything and make sure we get the simple stuff right first. We try to be super conscious of the business side of things. There’s so many talented people out there but there’s a lot more you have to think about; marketing, branding, promotion, public relations, finance, insurance, contracts. It’s actually a lot to keep up with.

“We’ve been really lucky to have such a supportive network friends and family who are willing to help us out with a lot of this stuff.” – Nathan

We released our debut single ‘Sin’ in September 2018, charting at number 13 on the Triple J Unearthed Charts and number 4 on the electronic charts. We’ve since done a series of interviews for local publications, had our radio debut on SYN 90.7FM and performed live on Channel 31 for a Melbourne Underground Season Finale special. It’s still very early days for LouSkylar but we’ve got some pretty sick releases coming up and we’re excited to see where this musical adventure takes us.

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