The emerging electro-pop duo from Melbourne, fusing vulnerable indie-folk vocals with a heavy-hitting electronic synth soundscape.

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Imagine the offspring of Lorde and Flume, baptised in the tones of Tove Stryke and The Kite String Tangle. That baby is LouSkylar; bold, talented, and bloody good.



LouSkylar is the emerging electro-pop brainchild of Australian-Irish duo, Jessica Frizzerio (vocalist, lyricist) and Nathan Batham (composer, producer).

A Melbourne-based project of blurred genre and jazz-infused soundscapes, LouSkylar’s debut single ‘Sin’ reached #4 on the Triple J Unearthed Electronic charts in 2018, as well as #13 in their overall charts. In 2019, LouSkylar is raring to release further singles and perform tracks from their upcoming EP across Melbourne and Australia’s east coast.

LouSkylar’s sound is combinative of the duo’s respective indie-folk and electronic/jazz roots, with Frizzerio’s vulnerable, yet soulful vocals contrasting with the phat synths and hard-hitting, hip-hop percussion fashioned by Batham. LouSkylar’s innovation lies in their injection of a magnetic performance energy into more traditional electronic soundscapes. Frizzerio’s anecdotal lyrics of the Melbourne lifestyle are effortlessly enhanced by Batham’s experimental electro-pop style and meticulous sound production.

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